UK: Muslim Demographics (wikileaks classified)

— The 2001 Census showed that out of the total UK population of 58.8 million, 1.6 million identify as Muslims. Muslims make up 4% of the entire population.

— Students: 32% percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified (2001).
— Students: 54% percent wanted a Muslim Party to represent their world view in Parliament (2001).

— Students: 40% percent want Muslims in the UK to be under Sharia law (2001).

— The Government estimates the number of mosques in the UK to be around 1,000.

Legal issues: Britain had over 85 Sharia courts in operation in 2009. Sharia courts run as a dual-court system, violating English laws.

Unemployment: 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women are unemployed in 2011. (In 2004 that number was 13% for men, and 18% for women). That’s roughly 300,000 men and 500,000 women on government support.

Skill shortage: 33% of working-age Muslims in Great Britain had no qualifications in 2004, which is the highest rate of any religious group. That makes approx 400,000 adult Muslims.

Housing benefits: Muslims households were the least likely to be homeowners (52%) and are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2009). Over 500,000 Muslims live in council homes, paid by the government.

Healthcare costs: Muslims, both male and female, had the highest rates of reported ill health in 2000. Age-standardized rates of “not good” health were 13% for Muslim males and 16% for Muslim females.
That’s 29% or over 510,000 muslims.

Disability Benefits: Muslims had the highest rates of disability, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability (2009). That’s 45% or over 500,000 adult Muslims.

Specialized crimes: In England one help center say they receive 500 calls for help from victims of honor violence every month (2010). That’s 6000 calls per year, pleading for help while 17,000 are assaulted or killed.

— Police estimates there are around 17,000 incidents of honor violence (in UK) each year, a recent report contends that one-fifth of all South Asian immigrants believe that “certain acts thought to shame families were “justification for violence.”

Escalating crimes: Honor killings in UK police reports went up by 47% in just a year.

— The 39 police forces that gave Ikwro figures recorded 2,823 incidents in 2010 (excluding Wales and Scotland). Jasvinder Sanghera of victim support group Karma Nirvana said the real figure could be four times as high.

Prison population: Muslims constitute 33% (10,672) of the entire country’s prison population. Although highly overrepresented, Muslims only make up 4% of the entire population.


One thought on “UK: Muslim Demographics (wikileaks classified)

  1. Is there a future to Muslim immigration in the UK? Doubtful from these statistics.

    When 50% of the men and 75% of women are unemployed, what is the actual tax cost on all of us for maintaining this insanity?
    What is the actual annual cost they add on us when 28% of the total Muslim population live on free council homes?
    What is the cost burden on us to maintain 45% of Muslims collecting disability benefits?
    Who pays for the 33% of total prison inmates who make up Muslims? What is the total legal costs for all these crimes they have committed? And what is the costs to deal with investigation for honor killings and the 6000 reported honor crimes to helplines?
    What is our annual costs to investigate terrorism and threats?
    With a massive unemployment and 32% poorly educated, where do the taxes come from to cover for these people?

    The Muslim population doubles every decade.

    Muslim immigrants don’t want democracy, they don’t want to respect or live by English laws, they don’t want integration. They have NO REGARD for English culture.

    So how much hope is the next generation Muslims? I’m afraid very little. When 33% of their young students approve and justify murder in the name of religion, and 40% of Muslim students in England wants Sharia law in England, there is no future to England with Muslim immigration.

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