TV Host Hala Sirhan to Egyptian President Mursi: We Are Afraid of You

U.S., French and UK supported military interference for “democracy and freedom” is going nowhere in Egypt. Instead, ignorant of Islam, they only helped Islamic radicals emerge into power:

Following are excerpts from a statement made by Egyptian TV host Hala Sirhan,which aired on Rotana Eygpt TV on June 26, 2012.

Hala Sirhan: This is a message from an Egyptian woman, who has lived her entire life dreaming of the day when Egypt would be in control of its decision for change and of electing its president.

Now that the day has come, however, we are afraid of the future. Yes, we are afraid. We are afraid of the future because you are the president of Egypt.

Forgive me for my frankness. Indeed, this is a fact that you had better realize. Some Egyptians are afraid of you, because they fear your political and religious affiliations. They are afraid that Egypt will transform into a territory in the greater Muslim Brotherhood State. They are afraid that the national fabric will be torn apart. They are afraid that our national unity will transform into sectarian strife.

Most of the Egyptians are afraid. Yes, we are afraid, Mr. President. We fear for the unity of this country.


Mr. President, you are not a pharaoh. Gone are the days of the pharaohs. You are no god, nor a demigod. You are human, just like us.

You were elected by the Egyptians to represent them for a limited period of time, so rise to the level of responsibility entrusted upon you.



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