USA: When Hollywood gets Islam backwards: Sean Stone

Sean Stone, the son of film director Oliver Stone, is so confused about Islam he doesn’t understand the difference between a persecuted, hidden, underground grass root movement of mysticism (Sufism) and religious Islam. The only association to Islam is that ancient Sufi leaders were born in Muslim countries. Their writings demonstrate they accepted all faiths, while dedicating to none of them.
Islam has no correlation at all to Sufism. Stone has gone and converted to Islam. The punishment for leaving Islam, should he chose to, is death.

Sufi’s are considered heredic/haram in Islam and Sufism is forbidden. Many Sufi’s were executed in the most brutal fashion imaginable throughout history by their Muslim compatriots. Along with Christians, the Sufi’s continue to be the most persecuted group in Muslim societies to this day.

The ideals of the Sufi’s cannot be found in the Qur’an.

Sufi persecution in Islamic societies:

1. Fresh Persecution of Sufis in Iran

2. Salafi intolerance threatens Sufis
Sufi Shrine Destroyed in Kashmir

3. Libya: Sufis face continuing persecution after revolution

4. Human Rights violations against Dervishes from
Nematollah Gonabadi Sufi Order in Iran by security
forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran [EU Human Rights report]

5. Islamists destroy Sufi Shrines in Mali

6. US State Department says Sufi Muslims are the biggest persecuted minority in Iran

7. International outrage grows over destruction of Mali shrines


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