Sweden: Political Ad campaign featuring Muslims running for benefits pulled

A Political ad campaign in Sweden was banned from addressing a common problem with Muslim immigration; widespread abuse of the benefits system.

In the UK the same problem prevail. In 2011 statistics showed that over 70% of Muslim women are collecting income and housing benefits, while 50% of Muslim men are income and housing benefit recipients. Muslims also have a higher child birth rate than any other group in British society.

One reason posed as an argument for these numbers, is the reluctance by companies to hire Muslims due to demands of Sharia compliance, lawsuits when Muslims have to mixed with women, dogs, pig products or alcohol in their work duties.


A counter shows the National budget for the country’s pension fund.

“All politics are about priorities [footage shows a sign that says ‘case officer: pensioners, and ‘case officer: immigrants’].

An old lady with a walker is shown struggling to reach the desk of her case officer. She is competing against a whole group of niqab dressed Muslim women with baby strollers.

“On the 19th of September you will be able to chose immigration restrictions before pension restrictions – vote for the Swedish democrats”.

September 19 is election day.


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