France: Muslims pull Islamophobia card on the Mayor

Poor Muslims! They are never responsible for anything and always the victims. There doesn’t exist a more innocent and harassed group of people on the face of the earth. As the followers of The Religion of Peace muslims are  constantly subject to discrimination and Islamophobia; all stories about their massive crime levels, the violence and assault they bring with them, the rape and stalking of women and the problems they bring are simply racist claims. They have never done anything to anyone.

The municipal leaders of Gennevillier, outside Paris, started summer camps for some children during July and early August. A number of young people employed as counselors including four Muslims.

At the same time started stunt Ramadan July 20, which meant that the four Muslims do not eat and drink during the day and at the same time would be fit and focused on children and their safety. An inspector from the Municipality visited the camp and noted that the Muslims did not eat anything during the day. This had the consequence that the Mayor Jacques Bourgoin and local government leaders broke the contract of employment with the four Muslims who had to leave camp the next day.

Now, Muslims and various compounds in full revolt and call it Islamophobia. One of the sacked called the decision unacceptable and intends to local justice.

The mayor defends the decision, saying in a statement:

“They fired respectability the terms of Their contract in a Way That Could have endangered the physical safety of the children They were Responsible for”

But the mayor was not tough enough to stay at his word. A little later came a statement that, to avoid “further tensions,” had removed the clause for August which says it is mandatory to eat.

The reason for demanding that the staff were eating and drinking at the common meals relates to an incident a few years ago. Then was a little girl seriously injured in a car accident where the driver was a female instructor who had not eaten anything at all.

Muslims in the small suburb demonstrates now the town hall and a local mosque has offered to mediate but the Muslims say it is on the national political level – and depends on Islamophobia.


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