Sweden: Open Letter from Frustrated Swede at Leadership Apathy to Muslim Immigration problems, ruining the safety of their nation

The following letters have the letter writer sent to Ministers, Fredrik Reinfeldt (M), Annie Loof (S), Göran Hägglund (KD), Jan Björklund (Liberal), Tobias Billström (M) and Erik Ullenhag (FP) and the opposition party leaders Stefan Löfven (S ), Asa Romson (MP) and Jonas Sjöstedt (V). We reproduce it (in slightly edited form) on the wishes of the author.

[Google translation]


My name is Isa and want to tell you something. Initially, I tell you that I am an ordinary Swedish woman at age 52, a down to earth person with common sense, love animals and nature, likes to live in the country. I work full time at a hospital and has many fine colleagues, both Swedish and from different parts of the world as it often is in hospital.

But there is something not right. I walk around with a concern for the future and a lump in my stomach …

In the ’60s when I was growing up, society was very safe. It did not lock the door, car or bicycle. You had to learn what yours and mine was, to show respect towards other people and animals. The school was a safe place, there was good order there, we had peace and quiet in class, those who had some difficulty got extra help.

Years went by and it was still going out after it was dark without trouble, old people could move freely outside, but by getting either the necklace or purse snatched and they dared to open the door when someone knocked. Yes, society was still good when in the early 80th century itself had children. I’ve been lucky that my two sons have done well in life, no conflict with the criminal, etc.

But … there is something wrong, terribly wrong. To be honest, not a single day goes by without this nagging concern.

There are so many people around the world who suffer and of course it is extremely sorry for them. At the same time you realize that a small country like Sweden can not take on the role as the world’s conscience, right? Compassion is one thing, stupidity is another. I wish you as a politician could understand the concern that I and many, many of us know today. What’s happening in Sweden, what do you do politicians of our country .. and why ..?

The new multicultural Sweden, reality is this:

In the pre-school to secure Swedish girls are daily harassed and being called for Swedewhore and assaulted. Young Swedish girls / women who suffer abuse and rape by immigrants and immigrant gangs [Muslim gangs]. Swedish children / adolescents and adults will be robbed of money, cell phones in the middle of broad daylight days in the streets.

Old people are like prisoners in their own homes because they no longer dare to go out for fear of being robbed and beaten. And not even in their homes, they had to feel secure in foreign leagues are calling on, penetrates, and in many cases beat up and steal.

Responders met by stone-throwing young immigrants when they will perform their job. They throw stones at the postman and people who are out and take a ride / walking the dog, etc. Immigrant Families living robbers in the country’s emergency rooms and now in intensive care, threatening the medical staff with knives and various other threats. It burned cars and houses (and sometimes even people), vandalism of cars, houses and other property.

I ask you: Is this a safe and good society?

Are our children being harassed in school or the school should be a safe environment in which to learn for life? Are Swedish girls / women once forced to hide under the drapes to go in peace from [Muslim] immigrants or are they going to have to have a man who apron when they want to go out? Is this obligation to you or blame you for?

Is it fair to our elderly, who often has worn for a lifetime, contributed to our prosperity, now in his old age will not be able to go out anymore for fear of assault and robbery? Is it reasonable that they did not even feel secure in your own home?

Is it a good working environment for police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, postal workers, etc. to be subjected to stone throwing, knife threats and various other violence? Are security alarms, security guards and escape routes form part of their everyday work, thanks to mass immigration? Is it fair that we get our cars vandalized and burnt by people who are said to have come here to get a safe haven from war and oppression?

Is this a safe and democratic society that you politicians have created for us, the Swedish taxpayers?

I think not! So what exactly is the purpose of this immigration policy? How is the actual condition of the Swedish legal system today? Are the laws not there to be followed; is this not a basis for our society to function? How on earth can it be that the law allows pedophilia in the lenience cases of Muslim immigrants and their child marriages? These days, the Iranian Parliament lowered the age for child marriages – girls may now be over 10 years! All so that as they say “follow Sharia law.”

How can it be that you allow refugees to come here to live by their own Sharia laws prevailing in their home countries, from which they fled in the first place? Are Swedish laws in Sweden not applicable anymore? Do you think we should have a parallel society? How can a democratic country like Sweden permit the muslim oppression and abuse of women? It’s a BIG shame for Sweden who have fought for equality of the sexes!

Is it reasonable for ‘refugees’ to return home on holidays to the country they fled from? Is it fair that refugees, unaccompanied refugee “children” that lied about her age (these ‘children’ are usually 18-22 years, at least) are traveling to Muslim countries to be trained as terrorists? One assumes it is on Swedish taxpayers’ expense because they have no “means” of their own!

Do not claim this doesn’t take place in Sweden! The Swedes may be both kindhearted and naive, but they are not stupid!

The icing on the cake is now illegal immigrants (those you call “undocumented”), who have been tried in court and been rejected, and rewarded, when they are not required by law to be deported. As a reward to them [for entering illegally] at taxpayers’ expense they instead have the right to health care and schooling!

One has no option but to get really pissed off!

Do we have in Sweden a bottomless treasure chest to scoop money out when it comes to illegal immigrants / migrants? It only appears so when it comes to housing Swedish adolescents, child care, schools, elderly care, maintenance of infrastructure, health and social care to Swedes and pensioners, etc! For pensioners yes, where “poor” pensioners in Sweden in 2012 receive some 8.000kr net / month while an immigrant woman, single parent with three children, without lifting a finger gets about 30.000kr net / month.

How do you explain the justice in that?

It would be interesting to hear the motivation, when the pensioners contributed their whole lives to our welfare system, while the immigrant woman never did and probably never will! And why should she endeavor when she lives well on benefits? (Our taxes).

I also wonder how things are with our constitution on freedom of expression and free speech? Why are you in Sweden in 2012 mentioned as a racist when you have an opinion that differs from the politically correct? Ie. you have a critical view of immigration policy, not on the immigrant in itself! Racist is the one who thinks that a person with different skin color or ethnicity is worth less! It is not racist if you criticize the government’s immigration policy!

One can also think about why Radio and all media in Sweden avoid and “forget” to report on certain things? How dare we as Not to mention when there are immigrants who commit crimes? Most recently, it was 4 “Swedes” who raped a Norwegian, it turned out (as usual!) to be an immigrant. have we introduced censorship in Sweden, as it was in the DDR?
“Quote A Turkish newspaper prints the names of the suspects: Isa Baryauno, Jimmy Luke Toksoy, Masso Dikran and Ornama Aryo Chabo. All Syrians from Sodertalje the ages of 18 to 19 years. (The man in blue jacket, police). ”

When a Swedish offender is published the media can provide both the name and show “unpixelated” images of his face. But the police is not allowed to proceed with detailed descriptions, if the criminal is a non-Swedish person and a warrant or warning is required. Then it is immediately racist etc. Why do you [politicians] fan so much over criminals instead of protecting honest people? I’m tired of getting my reputation as a Swedish dragged through the mud by the Swedish media! It’s horribly offensive! Be sure to report the truth!

What’s your strategy when it comes to unemployment?

How can it be allowed to bring in so many people to Sweden who are illiterate? How will these contribute to our welfare system. Or do they just use it – as parasites? We do not have plenty of goats and camels here .. wonder what they should occupy  themselves with? They do not even learn Swedish, and taxpayers stand for interpreters when needed! Maybe I can demand a Swedish interpreter when I come to the clinic / hospital and do not understand the foreign doctors? And demand it for free, of course!

The Swedish school that previously had a good reputation is now down at the bottom. Why?

Yes there is much that is backwards in the country of Sweden. We see our neighboring countries tighten their terms on immigration, but Swedish politicians trample on in wool stockings, and make themselves the laughing stock of almost the entire world, although there was admission that they had totally failed with immigration policy and integration. Why, I wonder, are you so anxious to fill the country with Muslims? Is there financial gain behind. Or a threat? You have to really wonder about it. Are you politicians planning to make Sweden an Islamic colony?

Islam is no religion that stands for peace, love and tolerance (even if you try to trick us into thinking this) but a vile, horrible ideology that advocates murder, terrorism, pedophilia and oppression – and as long as it refers to the Prophet Mohammed all atrocities are permitted. The men are allowed to marry four women, preferably they should be 9-10 years of age when they get married. Women should be hidden under black bed sheets / covers and stay at home and not drive a car. Giving birth once / year is desirable. This is the “cultural treasure” we now have in Sweden!

Helllllooooo all feminists .. why are you so quiet.??

They are permitted to kill Christians, because they are ‘infidel dogs’, according to Mohammed. And dogs are ehh .. dogs, they can be tortured for his amusement, and then killed. The meat tastes best when they have suffered really well. Halal slaughter is banned in Sweden but halal-slaughtered meat is allowed to be imported.

Swedish women are increasingly blaming themselves because they are raped, it would have never happened if they were covered with a veil! Girls and women are worth less than boys and men, and the Swedes will soon have to learn to respect, right?

For it’s not fair indeed to the “refugees” who come here and get a safe haven, living generously on Swedish tax money to take adapt to customs of their host countries, to respect the Swedish laws and culture (yes, we have culture in Sweden!) and learn the language and integrate into our society? No, it’s not!

We poor, stupid and naive Swedes will be happy to have this nice (honorary) culture on the neck and be enriched by ideologies that do not even belong in the Stone Age! How many Swedes think you want to grow old in Sweden? How many Swedes do you think openly will show their displeasure if there is a change to the insane mass immigration?


Why not make immigration a non-profit organization? Today, many poor Swedes are turned down by social services and are referred to aid agencies instead. As a total non-profit organization we can choose for ourselves; Let the advocates supporting open borders and mass immigration, accept any immigrants and provide for their maintenance, accommodation and so on themselves from their own pockets and homes. Of course, they should also take responsibility for any criminal acts!

Let taxpayers have a say over their money, let’s say that you may give priority to six different areas. For example, child care, schools, elderly care, healthcare, infrastructure and immigration. Allow taxpayers to choose the percentage you want to go to each area (similar to when planning their retirement money). Of course, with public accounting for costs each ending year!

In conclusion, I wonder the following:

What will your party do to reduce immigration?

What will your party do to reduce crime and welfare dependency among immigrants?

How will your party work to preserve the Swedish culture, gender equality, housing crisis for Swedish adolescents?

How will your party make life better for senior citizens, their right to live decent, in the last years of their lives and feel safe and get the care they paid taxes for all his life?

I really wish You give a constructive and honest answers to my questions and statements. I and many others can say that we walk around with a lump in our stomach and with a grave concerns for the future … every day. Does it really have to be this way in democratic Sweden in 2012? YOU as a politician can allay these concerns that I and many others feel about what is happening in our country, in Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, Bollnäs, Eskilstuna, etc., etc.

Have a great summer!

Isa K

The Muslim diasphora of today’s Sweden:


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