Sweden: Enough is enough. Public demand answers on Muslim problems – but socialist Government ignore pleads

For ten years the Swedes have voiced their disapproval of the problems they witness in their society, originating with Muslim immigrants. Although survey’s have clearly demonstrated the Swedish national opinion, the socialist government is not bothered what the Swedish people want or think. The Swedish integrationsverk came a few days ago at the track with a new study which has created a stir in Sweden. Swedes are found not especially sympathetic when it comes to Islam:

STOCKHOLM — A powerful expression of Islamophobia – or a call for a serious debate on Islam’s place in the Swedish society? Opinions differ among analysts about how the results from the survey Integration Barometer 2004 must be interpreted in terms of the Swedes’ views on Islam.

Helena Benaouda, chairman of the Swedish Muslim Council, is shocked at the results. – We expected negative numbers, but not like this negative. We have black and white that Islamophobia is deeply rooted in Sweden.

Of those surveyed in the study consider including six out of ten Islamic values ​​are incompatible with the fundamental values ​​of Swedish society. Just as many believe that one should not facilitate the exercise of the Muslim religion in society.


In Svenska Dagbladet the following article can be found:

Eight out of ten Swedes think it is good that people from different cultures are mixed together, according to a new report by the Integration Board. The approach to diversity has become more positive. But against a group of people is a lot of skepticism: Muslims.

The integration Survey for 2004, a majority that they are against women veil in the workplace, in schools and on the ID card. Every third Swedish is against the building of mosques.
– It’s alarming. There is a clear signal that there is Islamophobia in Sweden and it is much larger than I had anticipated, says Helena Benaouda, chairman of the Swedish Muslim Council who want to immediately convene a meeting with Prime Minister Goran Persson.

Integration Minister Jens Orback do not think one should jump to conclusions on the results, but told TT that “there is too much distance between Muslims and non-Muslims in Sweden today. ”
Helene Lööw, director of the Forum for Living History, is not surprised by the results. There is a conditional tolerance to Muslims, Jews and homosexuals in Sweden, a “you can operate on our terms”.

– The question of Islam is consistent with Swedish values ​​is tricky, because there are lots of different orientations of Islam. There is a risk that one immediately associates with religious fundamentalism. An ordinary, secular Muslims are miles of open spaces from the Taliban and al-Qaeda, she said.

Svenska Dagbladet

In Integrationsverkets investigation Integration Barometer 2004 can roughly deduce the following:

66% say Islam is not compatible with basic Swedish values.

56% say they do not want to move to areas with many Muslims.

39% think that the Muslim immigration to Sweden to be limited.

42% are more suspicious against people of Muslim faith.

53% are opposed to women wearing the veil in the workplace.


The study also offers genuine contradictions as the Swedes in the study stands. Allow me to suggest this is due to the Swedish elite’s longstanding brainwashing and beautiful speech about how good it is with a multi-cultural communities and immigration. Words positive sound lives on in her head in public, despite people’s actual experiences and attitudes.

A majority of Swedes in the examination seems not, for example the Muslim immigration should be limited, while a majority of Swedes in the study does not consider Islam to be compatible with democracy and Western values ​​and a majority of Swedes do not want to live in areas with many Muslims.

The full report can be downloaded here:

But apart from that, life as usual in the multicultural Sweden, where the elite still close their eyes to the problems. Here are the latest news:

The imam of the Stockholm Grand Mosque, Hassan Moussa has received death threats by the Swedish Muslim extremists. Moussa is also chairman of the Swedish Imam Council.

– The Swedish society must open their eyes to the existence of extreme Muslims in the country, who hate the open and tolerant society. These people are prepared to go to any lengths to achieve their goals, he writes Expressen.
Murder threats have come after Moussa in sermons and elsewhere, has distanced itself from the terrorist attacks in London.

Swedes are pushed to the bring in frustration and anger by a medieval religion destroying their society:


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