Sweden: Journalists find it hard to deal with Islam

Aftonbladet: Published: 2012-06-07


SWEDEN — Four Swedish Muslims decided to take the car to Denmark because of his religious fanatic beliefs attempt to decapitate a number of journalists at Jyllands-Posten. This is due to some published Mohammed cartoons in the newspaper.

Many now claim that the reports about terror trial in Denmark drowned in piloting Breivikrättegången. It is certainly true. On the other hand, it is hard to deal with Islam. We journalists are terrified to walk along, might become racists in the process. It’s fast becoming a racist today, it’s just a cultural cake away, so to speak.


Maybe you should interpret the silence of feminists, politicians and commentators for “Mission auditing” mosque job as a sign of the same touch-horror. The representatives of the audited mosques feel run over and consider themselves victims of a cut and paste media campaign and on the other hand, women with experience of Islam, claiming that it’s not all about individual bad apples but a structural oppression of women.

The “Swedish” society stands silently beside, a bit like when your young throwing sand in another kid in the sandbox and it refuses to check there to be ashamed to do nothing.

Also falling confidence in my corps, and I think partly it is about just that. People feel that we sit in our ivory towers, detached reality. Or so we can tell people what they should think. Or raljerar of what we hate, how many times have we not, for example with bantering descriptions of Breiviks appearance from Oslo now?

His chop haircut and puffy face, why is it relevant when we report back? Or when we want to decide who is allowed to express themselves on the newspapers’ comment field – which ones are “good manners”. We understand not that the thing about anonymity may be important for people to dare to discuss. We simplify too much, ‘like the various’ “shouts happily while we are most equal of all. We pay no price for anything at all.

There is a new Sweden out there, exciting Sweden but with great opposition. We should yearn to portray the country straight up and down. But on foot! Not on the high horse.

Belinda Olsson


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