Saudi Arabia: Nameless Filipino Maid Subject to Savage Muslim Assault and Rape in the Middle East (Graphic video!)

They “respect” women all right. 80% (4 of 5) of Muslim women are reportedly subject to sexual assault at some point in their life.

A vicious and brutal crime to a migrant worker with no legal rights or human value in the Arab world bearing no sentence for the attacker. A video tape of this unknown Filipino worker, in the woman-hating Middle East, was dropped off at the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi by an unidentified woman. The envelope contained a video-clip filmed on a mobile phone depicting a brutally assaulted maid worker on a surgery ward working in the Middle East.

The maid’s face is badly beaten and her eyes are swollen and bruised, her nose is broken and her head injured with deep cuts.

Her entire face and head has been cut with some form of machete or sword. Her entire upper body over her breasts have a deep, open long cut. Her legs have been slashed, and her arms and upper body slashed open. This woman died after three days in the hospital. Her body, identity and location has never been found while at first it was rumored she had been taken in at SKMC in Abu Dhabi, which has not been confirmed.

According to the original caption for the video, the victim, together with her friend rode a taxi after attending a party in the evening — where they had a few drinks. When they fell asleep they driver, allegedly a “Pakistani” national, called up his friends and at some point both got raped. The driver reportedly used a sharp object or a sword to slash the body and face of the women. The friend died in the attack while this woman survived.

It is doubtful this crime was committed by a Pakistani immigrant in the middle east, as the laws do not favor immigrants and they very much fear to stick their heads out. This assault was most likely committed by an Arab, and probably a very wealthy Arab who does not need to fear the law.

This women died after three days in an unknown hospital with Egyptian speaking medical staff. Saudi Arabia imports a lot of foreign labor, including many doctors from Egypt and other parts of the world. In the video one can hear the attending physicians were asking the victim in Egyptian, “Who did this to you? Your boyfriend? Do you have a baby from him?” The victim slowly shakes her head and only moan in pain.

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I condemned this barbaric and evil acts in strongest terms possible and let these perpetrators be brought to justice. Please help spread the video and urge the Philippine government to do something.

The Philippine and Arabian government is denying that this incident ever happened, as no body has been found and no one has been reported dead who fit the description of this severely abused woman. From this they have announced from the middle east that the story is a “hoax” invented to “smear” the country.

The video, however, shows the body of an extremely abused woman who never recovered. The fact is that 2 million Filipina’s work in Saudi Arabia.  Thousands of Filipina’s disappear in the country, subject to slavery, rape and abuse without a trace of their whereabouts further being recorded or found.
The Philippine government have been strongly criticized in the past for doing too little to help their citizens who are victimized in the Middle East.

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A report from the Philippines where this crime was meet with tremendous shock and anger. Maids from poor countries have been known to venture to Saudi Arabia for work, and suffer vicious abuse in the hands of their Muslim employer, both by the man and the woman in the household.


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