UK: Debate: Should we tolerate the intolerant?

Britain suffer from an extreme level of stupidity and dhimmitude, which imagines that Islam is a neutral belief system without any political powers and without an overwhelming intent to hate non-muslims.

Britain imagines that Islamic viciousness is isolated and rare incidents and views, although all their statistics speak exactly the opposite. 40% of young British Muslims want Sharia law to be their law in Britain and 32% of second generation Muslims born in Britain support honour crimes. These numbers are simply massive percentages out of a total migrant group population. Thus to claim that extremist views don’t represent ‘the average Muslim view’ is clearly not true at all. 

It’s pathetic of the British to pretend they are against the cruelty of Nazism if they support Islam to grow and fester in their country. Like the former Nazi Youth Officer Alfons Heck has stated, “If you can’t learn from the events from Nazi Germany, you will not be able to grasp the true intent of the danger of the radical muslim world today.” Alfons Heck state that Islam’s ideals and propaganda is identical to Nazism.


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