Netherlands: Muslims Busy Establishing No-Go Zones In The Netherlands

Carmen (18) suffered a black eye when she and her 15-year-old girlfriend was assaulted in Hilversum.

Non-Western immigrants have created a no-go area in the bar and restaurant district of the town Hilversun.

The latest incident concerns the severe beating of two girls (18 and 15) by two Moroccans after they refused to give the boys a cigarette. They were both hospitalized.

In May, a 30-year old Swede was almost kicked to death by Moroccan men. In April, Moroccan youngsters beat two men so severely that they had to be hospitalized.



De Telegraaf
August 7, 2012

[Muslim] Assault in Hilversum

AMSTERDAM – In the early Friday morning, the 18-year-old Carmen and her 15-year-old girlfriend Fleur beaten by two Moroccan boys, after the girls had refused to give a cigarette to them.

It is yet another serious assault on the Groest already this year, where immigrant youth have created a no-goarea threats, insults and aggression during the night hours.

In May, a 30-year-old Swede was almost beaten to death by two men early April, when Moroccan youth also kicked two other men on the Groest that sent them to the hospital. Carmen and Fleur also suffered serious injuries after they had left the nightclub G-Spot.


De Telegraaf
May 20, 2012, 23:25

More aggravated [Muslim] assault in Hilversum

AMSTERDAM – A 30-year-old man from Sweden was on Saturday night in Hilversum very badly beaten by two men. It is the second time in a short time that someone in Hilversum is the victim of violence.

The victim was dropped off by a taxi at around 03.00 am at the parking lot between the Langestraat and the Maanstraat. After the taxi driver was to drive off, they found two men approaching the taxi. At the approach both the man and the driver discovered that there was a dent made in the car. When the Swede then appealed to both men, he was attacked.

The Swede was beaten and his face as he lay on the ground he was depressed. He suffered severe injuries and is in very critical condition in hospital. The police meanwhile informed the family of the man, who is in the Netherlands since a few weeks. Police are seeking witnesses.

On April 1 a 28-year-old man in Hilversum was the victim of aggravated assault. The perpetrators, where the police are still looking for is, three Dutch-Moroccan men. One of them of sturdy build, is around 30 years old, 1.75 meters long with a small beard and cropped hair. He wore a dark jacket with white stripes. The other two suspects have normal stature, are around 1.75 meters long and are between the ages of 20 to 25 years.


Percentage of Muslims in the following countries prisons,as you can see the prison population is huge compared to that countries total Muslim population



GREAT BRITAIN – 11% (recently claimed to be 35% by the press)

FRANCE – 50%-70%


ITALY – 13%


NORWAY – Over 30%

SPAIN – 70%

SWITZERLAND – 57.8% in Champ-Dollon prison

UNITED STATES – 9 – 15% Estimate (200,000 – 350,000) Far higher than the 2% Muslim population (2.6 million according the 2010 census) in the U.S. (Islam in Prison) There is a high rate of conversions to Islam in US prisons.


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