UK: Muslim tribal wars against non-Muslims escalate and spread in Britain’s failure to manage Muslim migrants and problems

Muslim demographics spreading in England, with dramatic changes in a mere 15 years thanks to UK’s Labor government.

From the moment Muslims started arriving in Britain they began their spree of violence. This first spread by Muslims attacking young British men. This increased resentment towards them and caught the attention of conservatives and anti-immigration groups.

The Muslims then began playing the victim card, claiming their attacks were in response to protecting themselves from ‘supremacists’ (perhaps they should admit they themselves were the initial aggressors?). During this stage Muslims had the support of ethnic groups, who sought to blame ‘white people’ for all their problems.

After Muslims had targeted the presumed ‘supremacists’ they, however, did not end. They then began tribal wars against British blacks from all backgrounds. Blacks soon learned that Muslims were the main aggressors than any ‘supremacist’ and claim they are terrorized by Muslim youth, mainly Pakistani’s.

After Muslims had stirred tension between Muslims, blacks and whites, they began attacking jews and subjecting them to anti-semitism, violence and threats.

Their next target were British women and young children, who were raped or groomed and sold for sex while drugged.

But it didn’t end there. As always, Muslims will never stop spreading violence. Muslims have now moved on to more targets: west Indians and Asians.

Muslims have turned entire areas and regions in Britain into havens of violence, which has only been made possible from indiscriminate and insane mass-immigration policies created by the destructive British Labor government, under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. British nationals have expressed a desire that the two politicians are charged with treason against their country, for their policies on mass-immigration which has damaged the economy, safety, living standards and jobs in the country.



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