France: Non-Muslim restaurant owner beaten for opening during Ramadan

25% of Marseilles is Muslim. Now sharia rules the city. Game over. This disease is spreading all across the EU while Brussels do nothing about the problems, violating the human rights and security of the European people who are being subjected to ever growing vicious crimes from Muslim migrants allowed to settle in Europe. European leaders need to be charged with malign social engineering and treason.
About 60 to 70 percent of all inmates in the country’s prison system are Muslim.

Muslim migrants flooding into southern France via Spain – which often act as a bridge for illegal Muslim immigrants to enter North Europe – has made Marseilles the most crime infested city in all of Europe. Marseilles is a perfect example of the severe damage and financial loss an entire region can be subject to from Muslim migrants. Muslims make up 70% of the entire nations prison population.

“Marseilles: Non-Muslim restaurant owner beaten for opening during Ramadan” Le Figaro, August 9, 2012 (hat tip Armaros)


A conservator Marseille was threatened and assaulted earlier this week, because he did not do Ramadan , officials said today a source close to the investigation, confirming a report in the daily La Provence.
Aged 64 years, the restaurateur, a French national of Egyptian origin that does not practice Islam, was discussed Monday by an individual traveling with a veiled woman. On several occasions, the suspect ordered the merchant, who practices in the area of ​​Belsunce (center of Marseille), to close his establishment for Ramadan, otherwise it would have on her retaliation. An hour later, the person returned and brought him a mighty belt. Hurt by the metal part of the belt, the restaurant was rushed to hospital in the design.
The suspect, aged about thirty years, is actively sought by police who seized videotapes may have recorded the assault. The restaurateur, who doctors have issued a temporary total incapacity for six days, filed a complaint. The president of the Traders Association of Belsunce Maxime Melka, “this is the first time such a story comes.” Traders have written to elected officials at the prefecture and the police to express their “outrage” against the aggression and misunderstanding. Commissioner George Gasperini, head of security and proximity to the Public Security Directorate regretted an act “unacceptable both in substance and in form.”
“I condemn this act”, for his part said Haroun Derdal, imam of the mosque’s Flea Market, in the northern suburbs of Marseille. “Individuals do not have to replace other individuals,” he said. Ramadan, which began on July 20 due to end on August 19.

Repost from: Atlas Shrugs


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