France: The No-Go Muslim Rape Zones of France: 751 and Counting

French African Muslim is wenting his racism and hatred of the French people and say neighborhoods will one day blow up. He says he is dreaming of it. No regard for French laws, French society, French culture. Yet France allowed millions of them to live in their country.

The horrifying gang rape of Lara Logan, as we all know, is not an isolated incident of a western woman targeted by an Arab Muslim mob.

One of the best kept secrets of the leftist world is the rape and enslavement of western female activists by Palestinians. These women have been pressured to remain silent about their sexual abuse in order not to hand propaganda victories to the hated Jews/Zionists.

Trans European Muslim rape gangs aggressively target Western women, and certainly one of the countries most afflicted is France where there are, according to government statistics, 751 “Sensitive Urban Zones” AKA “No-Go Zones” for Europeans.

And for those Europeans who cling to their homes and jobs in majority Muslim areas, well, rape, robbery and mob violence are a fact of daily life.

In a northern district of Paris, a brave shopkeeper named Marie-Neige Sardin guards her newsstand like a military fort. As a white woman, she is a minority in the mostly Arab-speaking Muslim area.

More on the terrible Islamization of French society


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