Muslims Burn Homosexuals Alive in Cruel Execution (Graphic video!)

‘Respect’ Muslim right to entice hate and call for murder for anyone criticizing Islam. They have issued no condemnation for this conduct. However, critics of Islam are Islamophobic.

Islam has a long track record of extreme human rights violations yet many politicians and left wing liberals and odd ‘human rights’ groups will try to glorify Islam. They oppose any Islam critics, branding them as Islamophobes. Muslims are trying to demand an end to criticism of Islam, arguing that criticism and demands for a ban on Sharia law ‘violate’ their religious freedom. Politicians also want to provide ‘special rights’ to Muslims with ‘respect’ for these atrocities.

Anyone who “respects” Islam also endorse the ideals of Islam, which means oppression, violence, murder, homophobia, slavery, sodomy, sexual assault of infants, rape of women and severe hate crimes.

In this video Muslims burn three poor victims alive for no other crime than them being  homosexuals in a cruel execution according to the teachings of Islam and Islamic Sharia law.

Who in their right mind will ‘support’ this level of viciousness simply because it originates from a politico-religion?


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