UK: TV Documentary on Muslim Sex Grooming in the UK

Pakistani neighborhoods claim to be “shocked” over the revelation of sex grooming lead by Muslim men in Britain. Although Muslim men from a variety of background dominate and lead rape statistics all across Europe, Pakistani men dominate teen sex grooming gangs in Britain.

How is it a shock? Every single Muslim neighborhood have been known for a long time of being rampant of sexual abuse. With media shame meeted on them, they suddenly pretend to be shocked. The sex grooming has not been only against white girls as often claimed, but has been against any young female, including Hindu and Sikh girls.

Islamic apologetics stress that most sexual crimes are committed by “white males”. Actually this is a distortion. Muslims only consist of 2.5%-3.3% of the entire British population – and their sex crime volume per capita over represent the entire white British population. It is absolutely absurd to hear the feigned confusion as to whether ‘there is something in the Pakistani culture’ that ‘could have triggered’ these crimes – when there are 48 Muslim nations across the world with 1 billion people, who simply cannot and will not have any respect for women.

This documentary was aired on the deeply Islamo apologetic BBC, who has been responsible for considerable cover-up of Muslim crimes and human rights violations in British society, by repeatedly lying about statistics and denying them to be over represented by Muslims:


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