UK: More Muslim sex-grooming of children unraveled all across the UK


Muslim Grooming-The Truth is Here

Sat, 11/08/2012 – 06:00

As we step up our campaign to raise awareness of the problem of on-street grooming of vulnerable young girls, some of our activists have reported that they still sometimes come across out-of-touch liberal-leftists who still deny that this is happening.To help you counter this, both out meeting the public and in discussions online, here is the newly updated list of court cases involving Muslim men convicted of sex crimes against non-Muslim girls in the UK over the last few years.

And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because we are still only beginning to see the end of a thirty year policy by the Powers That Be of turning blind eyes to this scandal.

The fact that they are at last taking action is a testament to the impact of our efforts to raise awareness of this issue, but there’s still a lot more to do, so please do everything you can to pass on this list.

Thank you, on behalf of the victims, and those still at risk.

Keighley 2005 :

Oldham 2006 :…..195523.stm

Blackburn 2007 :…..e-13589828

Manchester 2008 :…..713983.stm

Blackburn 2008 :

Skipton 2009 :

Rotherham 2010 :…

Rochdale 2010 :

Rochdale 2010 :…..slave.html

Nelson 2010 :…..ted_teens/

Preston 2010 :….._1_1493788

Derby 2011 :…..e-12137400

Blackpool 2011 :…..urder.html

Burnley 2012 :….._1_4206114

Dewsbury 2012 :…..z1pmhxo83Z

Barking, East London 2012 :…..z1kXsCUYxS

Rochdale 2012 :…..r-17291143

Blackburn 2012 :…

Oxford 2012 :…..e/16195305

Carlisle 2012:

Bradford 2012

Ipswich 2012…..k-18859613


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