Pakistan: Mob burns mentally ill man alive for burning the Quran

[Thanks to Imran Firasat]


Dear readers

Today I am extremely sad while writing this article for you. We do not actually get surprised anymore by new Islamic terrorist attacks or violence committed by Muslims around the world. It is so habitual for us that we can´t even remember each of those incidents.

But today what I have found is not only shocking and surprising but is a completely wild and inhuman act perpetrated by violent Muslims. The following news title made me cry for another innocent life´s loss:

“Mob burns mentally ill man alive for burning the Quran”

A man in the district of Bahawalpur in Pakistan was found guilty of burning the pages of Quran. He was arrested by the police in order to prosecuting him for the charges of blasphemy which could end up on death sentence.

But the blind, uneducated and violent Muslims didn’t allow the man to have the right to breathe anymore. The mob attacked the police station, injured the policemen, dragged out the accused and burnt him alive as he was a blasphemer. It is to be noted that Islam says in very clear words: Blasphemers should be killed.

It is not the first time when someone got snatched his life by the hands of cruel Muslims. Islamic countries have very special blasphemy laws, according to which anyone found guilty of insulting religion of Islam would be imprisoned for life or sentenced to the death. But in majority of cases the innocent people are framed falsely and eliminated. And being killed before taken to the justice.

Like in this case the media and police declared the man “Mentally ill”. Is burning the Quran an enough proof to justify someone´s mental condition? Muslims have no right to kill someone or declare him guilty or mentally ill before the person taken to the justice. Oh I am sorry; I should not talk about the word “Justice”, because this word or concept of justice doesn´t exists in the Islamic territories. A part of that, did the man really burn Quran? Where are the proofs? No proof exists, all what exists is a huge violent mob which killed the man and disappeared.

Police even though declared that they tried to save the man and that they were also attacked and injured by mob. But in reality the police was involved in the violent scandal, as the policemen are also Muslims who can´t bear seeing a blasphemer alive.

Today Muslims have proved again that they are the worst human being on our planet. I have always repeated the sentence that “I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam”. But today I have realized that Muhammad has converted these blind faiths, uneducated and illiterate people into the aggressive, violent and thirsty for blood demons who can never be good human unless if they kick Muhammad out from their lives.

There are no more possibilities to have dialogue with these criminals who kill anybody, anywhere and whenever they want without giving a chance to the accused for defending himself. Muslims have crossed all the limits and proven that they are the real followers of Mafia Muhammad.

With my wet eyes and not being able to write anymore, I stop here with the hopes that someday we will get a messiah who can save us from the ghost of Islam.

Your sincerely
Imran Firasat (Spain)


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