UK: Muslims call for Jihad against ex-Muslim petitioning to ban the Quran in Spain

Dear editor,

This is Imran Firasat, a Pakistani ex Muslim from Spain. You must remember me; I am the one who lodged a formal petition to the Spanish authorities for banning the Quran in this country for being a book which is violent and incompatible to the humanity and laws.

As you know that my petition was forwarded to the next level and is still in process, as it is being studied by the constitutional commission of the Spanish parliament. But the Muslims around the world feel offended and provoked once again as usually they always do. Today I have found an extremely ridiculous article on the website of a Muslim group/organization based in UK which calls “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK”, calling for a new kind of Political Jihad against me and all those who oppose Islam. First of all I would like to mention the link of that article here for the convenience of your readers:

 In this article at the first point, the history of Spain has been described by the sad Muslims, that how Spain was captured and governed by Muslims and how did the Muslims lose the rule on Spain. This shows that the pain of losing the rule and power on Spain still exists in the hearts of Muslims.

Then on the next stage the author says: “Today Muslims in Spain are under attack once again, this time not by Christians, but strangely by an ex Muslim, Imran Firasat, who has lodged a formal petition to the Spanish government to ban the Quran”

The author complains that I “Imran Firasat” am an Islamophobe and that the Muslims didn´t take necessary actions against me which they should have taken. This Islamic group allowed to be based in UK also expresses it´s anger against the Spanish authorities who took my petition to ban the Quran to the next level.

They also compare themselves with Jewish, and Quran with Torah, by saying that this same thing wouldn´t have happened in case if someone asked for the ban on Torah. After expressing their anger against me and the Spanish authorities, this Muslims group leaves a clear message to the Muslims for embracing the way of Jihad through these words: “Learn from our history and defend your faith against anybody who attacks it, whilst you are still strong enough to do so”.

Then the Muslims author representing this Radical group invents a new way of Jihad which is to become Political Muslim. Here let´s have a look at the exact words found on their site: “If you fail to become a political Muslim, then you have failed the religion of Islam, we need to stand up and defend ourselves and get politically active, before it’s too late. Let’s not weep tomorrow for something that we did not do today”

One of those monkeys heard the news about this British group and was upset. The other..Well..he is just trying to say something to this British groups with his fingers (he did learn sign language!!)

My conclusion

Dear editor, I would like to leave a message through your site to this radical Muslim group “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK” and to all those Muslims who think that this world is their property and they can rule anywhere and whenever they want. Let me tell them that now there is not only one Imran Firasat, but millions of more Imran Firasat are ready to fight against the demon of Islam. We are not afraid of the dirty Islamic Jihad ideology neither we feel worried by the Muslims threats of killing or their violent behavior.

We will not let exist this creation of devil (Islam) on our would be peaceful earth. Islam has to be defeated. No matter how many kinds of Jihad you invent or how cunningly you try to pretend to be good, but this world is not going to be fooled anymore by Islam as Muhammad and his false creations have been exposed. Now it is just a matter of time that Islam will become part of history. I give a sh** to your political Jihad.

Imran Firasat (Spain)


2 thoughts on “UK: Muslims call for Jihad against ex-Muslim petitioning to ban the Quran in Spain

  1. Now we know how to respond back to violent Muslims

    Uk based Islamic group has been denounced as a terrorist organization in the British Embassy in Madrid by the Ex Muslim “Imran Firasat”

    Dear editor The Muslim Issue

    A very good day to you. This is Imran Firasat from Spain. On 13th of August there was news published on your courageous site with the title “UK: MUSLIMS CALL FOR JIHAD AGAINST EX-MUSLIM QURAN-BAN PETITIONER IN SPAIN”. That news was an example of how intolerant, violent and aggressive Muslims have become by following Muhammad´s falsely created full of blood religion.

    Today I come back to you with some latest movements related to the same matter. After I got the political Jihad threat from the Islamic group “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK” based in United Kingdom, I had two options: give up on my war against Islam or respond back more strongly to those Muslims in order to make them realize that we ex Muslims and better human than them are not coward and are capable to attack back those who hurt us unnecessarily.

    Today on 20th of August I had an appointment with the diplomats of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Madrid, Spain. I have formally lodged an official complaint in the British Embassy against “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK” which will be forwarded to the British police and all the relevant agencies of UK. I have explained to the UK authorities that how this Muslim group based in UK is fomenting hate speech, provoking the Muslims for fighting in the name of religion and spreading jihad messages into the society.

    Through my complaint, I have asked the British authorities to declare this group a terrorist organization and ban it immediately as its acts should be considered serious crimes under the European and UK´s anti terrorism law. The British diplomats have promised me that they are going to have a serious look at this complaint and the necessary actions will be taken as soon as possible. On the other hand the Spanish police are also studying this case and if they find this Islamic group guilty of committing crimes of hate speech and spreading terrorism in Europe, then this group will be declared a terrorist organization under the Spanish law, and its representatives will never be allowed to enter in the Spanish territory.

    The intention behind submitting this complaint to the UK authorities is to respond back to the violent Muslims and leave a message to them that it is not anymore 2001. We are in 2012, much stronger, united and have woken up against the Islamic illusion and injustice. We are not going to tolerate anymore their threats or violent acts. We will fight back but never in a violent way like them, in contrary we´ll adopt the legal measures, because we believe in law and order. They attack on us, we will kick them back. We are not coward, poor and illiterate people. We are modern, highly educated, peace loving and brave people who will take this fight until end in order to expose Muhammad and Islam´s false doctrine to the world. We are not afraid of Islamic violence anymore. We are desperate to free this world from Islam.

    With this message I attach the scanning of a copy of the documents submitted to the British officials in Madrid, stamped by them as acknowledgement of receiving my complaint. Thank you very much.

    Imran Firasat (A proud ex muslim)
    (Madrid – Spain) (World without Islam)

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