Germany: Islam does not belong here, says German MP

Had there been more people like Volker Kauder during the 1930’s in Germany, his country would not have allowed the emergence of Hitler and his nazi party.
Because society consist of people with low level reasoning who make apologies for evil, nazism was able to get support and flourish, and eventually run the entire country, committing the worse atrocities of modern history.  Interestingly, Islamic rulers are the only other group that has committed bigger atrocities in human history than the Nazi’s.
Hitler was a great admirer of Islam and believed that Germany could have ruled the entire world had it not had Christianity as it’s religion, but rather been a follower of Islam. To reciprocate the admiration the entire Middle East look up to and defend Hitler’s actions to this day. But to the supporters of evil, Volker Kauder is only branded another bigot and Islamophobe.
                   “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein


Islam does not belong here, says German MP

A LEADING German conservative has said Islam does not belong in Germany, fuelling tensions at a conference on integration.

“Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong in Germany,” Volker Kauder, head of chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party in parliament, told the Passauer Neue Presse yesterday.

“But Muslims do belong in Germany. As state citizens, of course, they enjoy their full rights,” he added.

His remarks added to a highly charged nationwide debate about a campaign by an ultra-conservative Salafist Muslim group, The True Religion, to hand out millions of free German translations of the Koran to non-Muslims, which was also discussed at the conference.

It was one of a series hosted by the government to improve the integration of the four million Muslims living in Germany, – a nation of 81 million – about half of whom have German citizenship.

Many came from Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s and their hard work contributed to Germany’s post-war economic miracle. Kauder’s comments quickly came under fire. “Volker Kauder is the last crusader for the conservatives. He is putting a bomb in the Islam conference,” said senior opposition Social Democrat MP Thomas Oppermann.

“He is denigrating and marginalising all Muslims in Germany. That course is utterly wrong,” he added.


One thought on “Germany: Islam does not belong here, says German MP

  1. Anti Islam propaganda in the Western media for the past 20 years, which accelerated after the 911, is having the opposite effect. Some educated people in the West mainly out of curiosity want to learn what Islam is about. When they approach their research with an open mind, probably most of them form positive impressions about Islam and some of whom rightfully convert. In the USA after the events of 911, conversions to Islam phenomenally increased mainly in amongst the educated white community and a large majority of them were females.

    After many years of a negative portrayal, bias Against Islam and Muslims is deeply rooted in Western minds and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, Spanish journalist Yusuf Fernandez says.

    He stated that the neo-fascism and far-right bigotry are increasing throughout Europe as much as fascism and Nazism did in the 1930s and this is one of the reasons why Islamophobia is now rapidly spreading in Europe and has become a major concern for the Muslim minorities in the European countries.

    The Islamophobia is a real problem in the Western societies, not only for Muslims but for the whole society because it is a hatred phenomenon, which is harmful for all people. Today, many politicians attack Islam and Muslims just to gain votes and in some countries girls are banned to wear headscarves at high schools or work places. Opening a mosque is also becoming more and more difficult in some countries.

    Generally speaking, the image of Muslims in Western media is very negative and poor. When Western journalists speak about any issue, they are supposed to know the issue they are writing about. But this rule is broken when they write about Islam. They can then make claims that have nothing to do with the reality of Islam and Muslims. Muslims are presented as fanatics, terrorists or backwards people. Muslim women are presented as ignorant or submissive. These so-called “experts” ignore that Islam gave many rights to the women much before the Western societies did.

    There are extremists in Europe who are staunchly opposed to multiculturalism in the continent and are not afraid of physically removing whoever they deem threatening their ideology for a consolidated Europe free of immigrants and Muslims. The most prominent example was Anders Breivik who massacred 77 people simply because they had voiced support for the people of Palestine in a demonstration.

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