FINANCIAL AID: Lend $25. Your loan helps Heba Allah to buy children’s and women’s clothing to sell.

We are posting occasional  micro-loan appeals from Muslims women who are in financial difficulties in their countries and are seeking to begin a start-up or expand their business. We consider them hostages of an evil, inhumane totalitarian political system (Islam) that has one of the worse human rights records in history.
*Please note our opposition to Islam has no association with the person concerned. We make no background checks and our picks are random. We are not associated with any of the organizations managing the micro-loans or mention in appeals.


Heba Allah is a 23-year-old married woman who has two family members from Al Nasser, Amman, Jordan. She is requesting a loan of 500 JOD to buy children’s and women’s clothing to sell to friends and neighbors.In the future she wants to open a business and she would like to buy a home for her family.Since Heba Allah is under 30 year olds, her loan is considered a youth loan.Heba Allah prefers not to display her photo on the internet, thus the above photo is of her mother.
For more information about loan terms and repayment plan, please visit the website.

Additional Information


About Tamweelcom

Tamweelcom was ranked among the top ten microfinance institutions worldwide in 2007 and 2008 by the Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX). Tamweelcom offers loan products tailored to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs in Jordan, including vocational and solar power loans, loans for aspiring entrepreneurs starting a project from home, and loans for established small businesses. Tamweelcom’s non-financial services include training and permanent showrooms for clients to develop and market their products, as well as educational grants for children to attend private school. Through a partnership with Jordan’s largest telecommunications company, Tamweelcom is the first microfinance institution in the Middle East and North Africa to allow clients to make monthly loan repayments with their mobile phones.

For more information, please visit Tamweelcom’s website.


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