USA: Taqiyya in action: The Hamas leader son and his two faces — one for the west, and one for the east

Taqiyya basically means lying, and is encouraged in the Qu’ran especially lying to dupe non-Muslims. Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of a Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef. A few years ago he tried to gain sympathy to infiltrate into American society by pretending to have converted to Christianity, and turned away from Islam.
Hear his weepy story below on American television — and how it turns around when he gives an interview on Arabian TV!

Here’s a perfect example of Taqiyya in action. The son of Palestinian Hamas leader, pretends he has abandoned Islam and is against Islam. That is, only when he’s on U.S. television:


Once he shows up on Arabian TV, his stance changes and he becomes antisemistic and supports extermination of jews:


9 thoughts on “USA: Taqiyya in action: The Hamas leader son and his two faces — one for the west, and one for the east

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  2. I don’t see the contradiction. He is completely honest. He is telling the truth about Islam and also telling the truth about the conflict. From the Arab mentality you either are with Hamas, and hate Israel, or you are with Israel, the enemy. From his point of view, he is opposed to the lies of Islam but still wanted to prevent the killing of his family, so worked with Israel. What’s the problem?

  3. I also watched both videos and I have to agree with the commenter, jamadagnii. Both videos show his consistent view point – he is strongly anti-Islam but very pro Palestinian.

    • Then you are not listening to the content.

      In the first video he explains Islam is collapsing, that Islam is terrible and the aggressor. And that Palestine is responsible for torturing people and basically cause the violence and problems in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He also declare Muslims are better than most Christians – which contradict crime records, integration records, government costs, social problems originating with Muslims in the west.
      In the second video he turns this around and claim the Palestinians are the victims. Israel is responsible for all the Palestinian “miseries”. He expresses anti-Israeli and antisemistic ideals and promise that Palestine will have “victory” over Israel and declare that Israel is the greater enemy.

      You don’t find contradiction in this?

      If we look at the Palestine-Israel problem the answer is in history. If we look at historical facts Muslims have invaded and occupied the entire middle east, which used to be Christian and Jewish territories for hundreds of centuries. Muhammad was a known highway robber, who would loot and kill people. He was therefore shunned in the places which are now the seat of Islamic worship. As a true gang member, Muhammed took these regions by violence and force, and the people were killed if they did not convert. And now in our time in history, the Christian and Jewish middle east has become 100% Islamic.
      Israel was handed to the jews as a small parcel of land towards all the territories stolen from them through history. But due to antisemitism Muslims don’t bother to analyse their own history. The entire Muslim world wants Israel to be an Islamic state. Some people are mad enough to agree to this, even in the West! But people forget that it is Muslims who were the occupiers in these regions. They also forget that Muslims will eventually demand the same in France, England, Italy, Spain and U.S. too. It is only a matter of Muslim population demographics. They are already taking up entire neighborhoods in these countries in which no Muslim can enter.

      • I believe he said that he loves Muslims, his people, and that they are very loving, warm and emotional people. He said that you might find them even more welcoming than Christians, not that Muslims are better than Christians. He certainly was clear about his distain for Islam. People are born Muslims for the most part, and they aren’t responsible for the hideous ideology that is Islam.

      • No I do not see contradictions you are seeing. As I said, Yousef is very pro Palestinian and he has been very clear that loves his Palestinian people. And perhaps for THAT VERY REASON, he was willing to work with Shinbet for over 10 years to thwart Palestinian muslims’ terror attacks against Israelis. Yes, he blames Israel for oppression his people are facing. But he has also been clear that Islam is the greatest enemy of Palestinian people.

  4. Because I do not speak the language of the Palestinian people, or Arab, or Iranian, I have no way of knowing that the Arab interpretor is correctly speaking the words of this man. In actuality, it sounds like the interpretations were added after the interview, and were actually being read from a script. I am sorry, but taqiyya seems to really be in play here. Not from Yousef, but from the media outlet that is broadcasting the Arab interview.


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