Saudi Arabia: How young Saudi prince’s commonly treat ordinary citizens

Islamic culture in action: The abuse of power by the Saudi Royal family is a common complaint amongst the Saudi’s and amongst Muslims all over the world. The huge royal family indulge in a life of appalling opulence, waste, drug addiction, drunken rape parties, prostitution rings, illegal business deals and cruel gay slave-relations – all under complete totalitarian control.
These Royalties breed like the proverbial cockroach, in fact so quickly, that the entire Royal family is said to contain over 23,000 members. The current King Abdullah has mustered 35 children, and according to wikileaks, shaves his actual age by at least 15 years. Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud created 115 children! Inbreeding and inter-marriage is massive not only within the Royal family, but between Muslims in general. This may explain the high incident of mental disease reported in the Middle East, likely due to genetic defects.
The Saudi royals are well known to abuse subordinates, grab and rape women as they please, beat and threaten simple and poor merchants, and show general contempt against the common Saudi.
This civilian cannot fight back. He has no court to file a complaint with, or anywhere to turn for protection should the royal family decide that he should ‘disappear’. Thousands of people disappear into nothing in Saudi Arabia; their whereabouts or bodies never found, simply vanished from records.


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2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: How young Saudi prince’s commonly treat ordinary citizens

  1. So, the world expects anything differnet from these hunks of pig shit? You, the reader, expect anything different from these hunks of pig shit? If you do, YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!
    I sure do not and never will.
    Remember, moderate islams are ones that has not blown you up with an IED,….. yet.


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