Denmark: Muslim Eid riots shootings, stoning the police, 60 club-wielding Muslims attack hospital

Muslim Eid riots in Denmark: Shootings, stoning the police, 60 club-wielding Muslims attack hospital

One more country added to the list of nations going downhill due to Muslim immigration: the docile and peaceful Denmark.  At the traditional Eid celebrations in the Muslim ghetto of Vollsmose in Denmark’s third biggest city, Odense, a car arrives with two Muslims from a unwelcome gang. One of the two is shot and later stabbed, the other escapes. As the victim receives treatment at Odense University Hospital, 60-70 aggressive and violent Muslims arrive at the hospital, bringing weapons such as clubs, knives and even guns, wanting to kill him. The police are quick to respond, but are not able to make any arrests. They draw their guns in order to make the Muslims leave the hospital. On their way out, the angry mob smashes several windows in an ambulance and a police car. Later during the day, the police manage to arrest 6 of them, and now their many friends are threatening to cause even bigger riots if they are not released.
Here are some excerpts on the resent Muslim riots in Vollsmose, Denmark, translated by Nicolai Sennels:

Riots after shootings in Vollsmose – police drew weapons

An Eid celebration in the Odense district of Vollsmose exploded in violence shortly before midnight Monday night in attempted murder, violent unrest, vandalism and grave disturbance of peace and order inside a hospital. Police officers had to draw their service weapons.A large group of people had gathered at an amusement park at the shopping center in Vollsmose Square to celebrate the end of Ramadan, when a car parked in a nearby parking lot.

“As the car drove into the parking lot, the two men in the car were identified as ‘enemies’, and were shot at from several directions. A 26-year-old from the car was hit by at least two shots in one leg and was subsequently stabbed multiple times with a knife in the other leg. His 24-year-old friend took flight in the car”…

Police were called at 23.47.

The conflict broke out because of enmity between two different immigrant groups. One group is based in Vollsmose, and the other outside Odense district. …

When the police and an ambulance arrived to take the 26-year-old victim out of Vollsmose, more trouble arose.

“They threw stones at the police and two patrol cars were completely destroyed, but we managed to get the man out without any of the officers getting physically harmed,” said the head of security at Funen Police …

The 26-year-old was rushed to the University Hospital of Odense.

“He was in danger and had suffered a great loss of blood when he was brought into the hospital. He has been on the operating table all night and is reported now in stable condition and out of danger.”…

60-70 men armed with various blunt weapons tried Tuesday night to reach the 26-year-old victim.

“They poured into the emergency department with clubs and started to smash vases, lamps and other furniture, and tore pictures from the walls. The staff at the hospital had to run for their lives, and several police officers had to pull their service weapons to force the group out of the living room area.”

Vollsmose is boiling: “Don’t you remember the riots in Paris?”

In Vollsmose the atmosphere is heated. Several residents have taken to the streets and now demand that the detainees be released by tonight. …

“If the detainees are not released before tonight, we can not predict what will happen in Vollsmose tonight. Remember the riots in Paris?” said one of the young immigrants …

Not far from the riots, police and task forces are ready. All are wearing bulletproof vests. …

The agitated Vollsmose residents have now turned against the press, says’s reporter. A television photographer has allegedly been threatened with a knife and asked to leave.

“You will be stoned! Get out of here!” some people shouted to the press, which has now pulled away from the area.

[Thanks to Jihadwatch]


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