Pakistan: Transformed into the most dangerous terrorist state in the world

Pakistan” The Best Islamic Terrorist State Award Winner

Pakistan has been converted into the most dangerous Terrorist State of the world. There is a long history and relation of Pakistan with Terrorism but if we look at only the last 3 years, we find that there have been 240 Terrorist attacks just inside of Pakistan and uncounted figure of Terrorist attacks all over the world involving Pakistani soil and Pakistanis.

The attacks which took place in Pakistan targeted schools, hospitals, shopping malls and even the mosques. Pakistan always blame India and Israel for the global Terrorism but there was not any single Indian or Israeli was involved in killing innocent Pakistanis in those attacks, each and every attack was planned and organized by Pakistani Muslims.

Another fact is that in recent years all the worst Terrorist attacks which have shaken the world and humanity, were related directly or indirectly to Pakistan. Whether Pakistanis were involved directly in the act of killing people or those attacks were planned and masterminded on Pakistani soil.

No doubt that Pakistan has become the safe heaven for the radicalists, Terrorists and Extremists of all the Islamic world. Today if the International community considers Pakistan as a Terrorist State, behind that there are sufficient reasons. It took a time of more than 25 years for Pakistan to gain the “Best Terrorist State Award”, and Pakistan can not blame to the world for their opinions about Pakistan as Pakistan by itself is the responsible for all that. Let’s view the great terrorist achievements of Pakistan:

  1. September 5th 1986: Pan Am flight 73 hijacked at Karachi airport, 22 people were killed. Hijackers from Phalestine related to the organization Abu Nidal and many Pakistanis got arrested.

  2. January 25th 1993: Firing on CIA Headquarter in Virgina USA, 2 CIA agents were killed and 3 people wounded, on 15th June 1997 a Pakistani citizen “Mir Aimal Kasi” arrested from Dera Gazi Khan, extradited to USA and sentenced to the death.

  3. Fabruary 26th 1993: Bombing on the World Trade Center, New York, 6 people were killed, The mastermind and organizer of this attack “Ramzi Muhammed Yousef” arrested in Pakistan on Fabruary 7th 1995, extradited to USA and sentenced to the life imprisonment.

  4. August 7th 1998: USA Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania attacked, 212 people were killed, 5000 injured. The mastermind plotter of this attack “Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani” arrested in Pakistan July 25th 2004, extradited to USA and sentenced to the life imprisonment.

  5. October 12th 2000: A United States Naval vessel USS Cole was bombed in Yemen, killing 17 USA soldiers and 39 people injured. Plotter of this attack “Walid Muhammad Bin Attash” arrested from Karachi, Pakistan on April 27th 2003.

  6. May 8th 2002: Sheraton Hotel in Karachi attacked. 11 French engineers were killed. Plotter “Mufti Mohammed Sabir” arrested in Karachi, Pakistan on September8th 2005.

  7. October 12th 2002: Bombing in Bali (Indonesia) the worst Terrorist attack in the history of the country. 202 people were killed and many injured. The mastermind plotter of this attack and the most wanted of Indonesia “Umer Patek” arrested in Abottabad, Pakistan on January 25th 2011.

  8. July 7th 2005: Bombing in London, 56 people killed, many injured, 3 Pakistani suicide bombers were involved in the attacks. Mastermind of those attacks a Saudi man “Zabi Ul Taifi” arrested in Peshawar (Pakistan) on January 20th 2009.

  9. November 26th 2008: Bombing in Mumbai (India), 164 people were killed and many injured. In connection to these attacks 9 Pakistani Terrorists were killed by Indian Police, many Pakistanis were arrested by Pakistani police in Pakistan on February 12th 2009 and one Pakistani Terrorist “Ajmal Kasab” is detained in India, has been sentenced to the death.

  10. May 1st 2010: Attempt to blast “The Times Square New York”. A Pakistani American Citizen “Faisal Shahzad” arrested as the mastermind of that attempt and sentenced to the life imprisonment.

  11. January 28th 2011: A Pakistani legal resident of Spain “Malik Imtanan Sarwar” was arrested by the Spanish Police on the suspicion of his connection with Al Qaeda.

  12. All the top ranking Al Qaeda Terrorists have been arrested on the Pakistani soil like: (1) Abu Zubaydah: Arrested on March 28th 2002 in Faisalabad.

  1. Khalid Sheikh Muhammad: Mastermind of 9/11 attacks arrested from Rawalpindi Pakistan on March 1st 2003.

  2. Abu Yasir Al Jaziri: Arrested in Lahore on March 16th 2003.

  3. Abu Faraj Al Libbi: Arrested in Mardan on May 2nd 2005.

  4. Mustafa Setmariam Nasar: Arrested in Quetta on My 1oth 2006

  5. OSAMA BIN LADEN: Head of Al Qaeda. Killed in Abottabad on 2011

No one is safe in Pakistan, nor Pakistanis neither the foreigners. And no one is safe in this world until Pakistan doesn´t break its relation and politics with Islam and Terrorism. Let´s take another view on how the foreign diplomats and embassies are under fire in Pakistan:

  1. November 17th 1995: Attack on Egypt Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan. 17 people killed.

  2. June 14th 2002: USA Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked. 12 people killed.

  3. February 28th 2003: USA Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked. 2 people killed

  4. March 15th 2004: USA Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked. 4 people killed

  5. June 2nd 2008: Denmark Embassy in Islamabad attacked. 5 people killed.

  6. April 5th 2010: USA Consulate in Peshawar attacked. 49 people killed.

You have seen that wherever the Terrorism is destroying the peace and killing people, In Africa, Asia, Europe, USA or in Australia. Pakistani people or Pakistani soil is always involved in each and every Terrorism Act. India has been complaining since a long time that Pakistan is organizing the training camps for these kinds of Terrorism attacks. And now it has been proved that many Terrorists who were involved in Terrorist attacks were trained in Pakistani Terrorist training camps.

This all shows that how deeply Pakistan is connected to the Terrorism and how big threat Pakistan is to the world peace. Jihad, Fanatism, Extremism, Radicalism, Bombs and Missiles have become the most important words of Pakistani National Dictionary. It is time for Pakistan to get rid of Islam, Jihad and Terrorism. Now or never.

Imran Firasat



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