Egypt: Indoctrination of Children With Antisemitism and Hate

Muslims pray daily for Allah to make Christians and Jews “widows and orphans”. Prayers by children are considered particularly pure and potent. For some reason, it is not the children and women of Christians and Jews that end up being widows and orphans as much as Muslims themselves. Allah seem to know where the real problem’s are… Muslims sure undergo a lot of bad luck and misery for being presumably blessed by Allah. That misery originates by and within their own communities.
Recently Saudi King Abdullah ordered imam’s to stop praying for the destruction of Jews and Christians in their weekly sermons. Saudi Arabian sermons are extremely hateful. However, this ‘ban’ is likely a front only intended for public presentations as the Middle East is monitored and all materials are translated into English for the world to see and read, which has made Muslims edgy and to be more secretive with their public hatred against Christians and Jews due to political relations with non-Islamic societies.



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