The dream of the new Calipathe. Muslim Reporter: First Egypt, Then The Islamic Republic Of United States

Muslim Reporter: First Egypt, Then The Islamic Republic Of United States

Egypt was a famous Christian nation going back to the times of The Apostles. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined muslim Arabs threatening their livelihoods. Then one day an army of terrorist muslims ruthlessly attacked the peace loving Egyptians for one purpose: Force islam down their throats.
So many analysts on the right and left miss the reality of this historical fact when reporting on Egypt. They only focus on the islamic brotherhood, Al-Qaida , Hamas, Hezbollah, or other organizations, while avoiding the elephant in the room. Muslim historical documents reveal Mohammad and faithful muslims glorifying rape, torture and murder of nonmuslims to the shouts of allahuakbar. Mohammadean terrorism has been going on for 1388 years among faithful muslims. Here is a 3 year old muslim girl on muslim station revealing what hundreds of millions of muslims in “secular and moderate” muslim nations are taught from early childhood:

A famous peace loving prayer warrior and Christian hero wrote about islam over 700 years ago:

“Mohammad came with war, knives, pillaging, forced enslavements, murders and acts that are not from the Good God, but instigated by the chief manslayer, the devil.” – St. Gregory Palamas

If a terrorist is a hijacker of islam as some claim, then we would have to condemn mohammad. Since all muslims are called to imitate mohammad in every way possible by practicing what they refer to as the Sunna, there is sadly no way for faithful muslims to condemn terrorist acts without condemning Mohammad. Questioning mohammad in any way is punishable crime in muslim nations and sadly the reason many even in Europe, Russia and America have been executed.

Muslim records of early islamic periods consistently gloried in the joys of violence committed against nonmuslims. Muslims had always taught that through terrorist and violent acts against non-muslim people, they were fulfilling mohammad’s call and prophecies. You can read about them in a famous islamic historical account written in 800s AD called  “Book of conquests of the lands”  – ahmad bin yahya al-baladhuri kitab futuh al-buldan, as well as in numerous islamic hadith trusted by muslims.

Why is it important to know history of islam? By identifying the core problem, we can focus on the right solution. Early islamic terrorist and violent acts include:

  • Mohammad ordering 92 year old poet to be tied to horses so they could tear her apart limb from limb. Her “crime”- she wrote about Mohammad in a way that showed she did not consider his path of violence to be of God.
  • Mohammad taking a town of over 600 boys and their Dads with hands tied behind their backs and severing their heads from the rest of their bodies one by one, just like we have seen muslims do to reporters and other innocent women and men in Iraq and around the world. Islamic holiness is different than other paths to holiness which are loving and peaceful to people of all backgrounds.
  • As early as 630 A.D., when mohammad had not died from the poison given to him by the woman he raped, he launched the Tabuk Crusades, in which he led 30,000 muslim jihadists against Christian nations. Amazingly the whole attack was instigated by a rumor, which a true prophet would have known to be false. But once the troops were out for conquest, mohammad made sure to force many cities to accept islam by the power of the sword.
  • 633 A.D. – The Muslim Crusaders are led by Khalid Al-Walid, a bloodthirsty military commander, whom mohammad called “the Sword of Allah” for his ferocity in battle (islamic source of Al-Tabari, 8:158). They ruthlessly attacked innocents and terrorized lands until they brought Iraq under the forceful submission of islam. Blood Canal is named after Khalid for how to the glory of islam, he had blood flowing in the streets (islamic source Al-Tabari 11:24).
  • 634 A.D. – Another Christian nation of Syria was attacked by muslim crusaders and terrorists. Osama bin Laden draws great inspiration from the Battle of Yarmuk while quoting Khalid al-Walid.
  • 635 A.D. – Muslim Crusaders besiege and conquer of Damascus
  • 638 A.D.- Muslim Crusaders needlessly attack Jerusalem to force islam on the peace loving Christians there.
  • 638-650 A.D. – Muslim Crusaders attack Persia and force them to submit to islam
  • 639-642 A.D. Muslim Crusaders attack and brutally murder so many innocents until they conquer Egypt.
  • 643-707 A.D. Muslim Crusaders continue to attack Sudan, Tunisia, and hosts of other nations in North Africa until the people are either dead , converted by the threat of the sword of islam or accept the islamic rule of higher taxation of nonmuslims to fund islamic tortures of other lands.

The list of nations suffering at the hands of faithful muslim terrorist goes on, but it is important to realize that native Egyptians in the news these days are Christians. Infact the word “Copt” is derived from Egyptos which muslims used to call “gypt”. When an Egyptian (Copt) was forced or coerced into islam, he no longer saw himself as an Egyptian but a muslim, because in his mind, islam supersedes national identity in the theology of islam. That’s why faithful muslims and imams are a great danger to our country and many countries around the world.

It is true that CAIR leaders and United Nations representative El-baradei have joined forces with muslims in Egypt to try to overthrow the government there, and that the organization of islamic brotherhood is a grave danger to all nonmuslims and cultural muslims everywhere, but the root of the problems in Egypt goes way back before 1920s when islamic brotherhood was officially formed. Over 400 years of muslim ottoman rule from the 1400s should be looked at, as well as the cause of the problems in Egypt, which is islamic teaching glorifying mohammad’s pattern of violence, rapes and slavery.

Some suggest we should just ignore the problem and let muslims do what they want to Christians and their own citizens of various background and just open the doors for mosques to continue to be established in America. Reality is that this problem will not go away by just putting our heads in the sand because islam has always taught World Domination! Here is an example of an interview revealing the goal of muslims to be Islamic Republic of United States:

(note the reporter revealing plans for “the islamic republic of United Sates”)

Others assume that only a military and political response will solve the problem. While forceful counter offensive measures have proven to contain the problem for a while, history shows us that until we deal with the root cause, we are going to have the same problem come up and cost hundreds of millions of lives once again. From 80 Million dead in India to 500 Million dead Orthodox Christians in the 20th century, the problem continues to surface because we need more than a military and political solution. We also have to deal with the core problem of current indoctrination of the young girls and boys.

While a military and political component is important, all solutions must also have education as part of a winning plan. However if we try to make these muslims go against God, the resistance to an atheist mindset will prove to be too strong. We must show them alternative views of belief in ONE God that are peaceful and loving. We must take Christians and other monotheists in these nations as our allies and allow them to teach in the schools and in the homes, a path of love and peace as followers of Allah. This will require great sacrifice of many across the globe including many citizens of these nations who will put their lives on the line to become teachers of love and peace in Christ, but they won’t do it if we are going to just blow up their families alongside of the violent muslims. If we educate children away from islam while taking care of violent faithful muslims through political and targeted military responses, we will set up a plan that has strong winning chances but one or two generations of our allies would have to be willing to sacrifice all for their own children and grandchildren. Only this way, can we discover peace in nations that have not known peace for almost 1400 years. Their problem is our problem! If 9/11 and the other 16,000 terrorist acts by faithful muslims since then has not already proven that to us, nothing will!

We can continue to do what we have done and expect a different result but that’s insanity. Empowering muslim governments with latest military armament and training has now brought us to the brink of nuclear powered islamic terrorists. For the sake of our children, we must wake up now and follow a winnable plan so we can have peace with our neighbors around the world.

With the God given blessings of the internet and various means of broadcasting truth around the world, it is now possible to do what has not been done for 1400 years. Imagine Peace and you will discover a world without islam. Those who can help us get there are allies we are not empowering at the moment like the 15-20 Million Christians in Egypt, and the millions of Christians in Lebanon and Sudan and all around the Middle and Far East. Ally with them rather than keep the problem going by throwing money and military armaments to the muslims that will eventually use them against us! Only then can some measure of lasting peace be realized!


2 thoughts on “The dream of the new Calipathe. Muslim Reporter: First Egypt, Then The Islamic Republic Of United States

  1. Lest we forget – the 8th anniversary of Beslan

    “From the days of Prophet Muhammad, sexual terror has been an integral part of Islamic Jihad. The siege of the Beslan School by Islamic Jihadis in 2004 was no exception.

    Child-rape, as well as being a permitted means of satisfying the jihadists’ religiously repressed lusts, also degrades, violates and humiliates the hated ‘najis kafir’ children and their parents, thus asserting the supremacy of Islam and Muslims. Forcing them to drink urine reinforces their filthy ‘najis’ status , as does feeding their minced up flesh to other unwitting kafirs.

    Eight years ago this week, Muslim extremists invaded a school in Beslan, Russia. These Muslim terrorists held over a thousand people, most of them children, hostage. For three days these Muslim terrorists killed and tortured countless victims. The ways in which they were treated I will abbreviate . Children were shot for crying. Teachers and parents were shot for trying to calm the hostages. Young girls were gang raped. Young girls were raped with gun barrels and other objects. Many young girls did not survive these rapes. Children were forced to drink their own urine before being executed. The list of inhuman acts committed by these Muslim animals is as nothing I have ever heard before…

  2. this all sounds great but you can lead a horse to water but you can not make them drink. so sad these people that just want to live a christian life has to live this way.

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