Egypt: Journalist: “The U.S. Will Ultimately Be Transformed into an Islamic Republic”

The U.S. and Europe need to wake up to the fact that this Muslim dream to reinstate the calipathe around the world is real and in constant planning. Due to massive Muslim population growth in the West within merely the past 15 years, through illegal entry (fake passports), rapid population growth, fake amnesty applications and mad economists who encourage the world to populate low population growth with Muslims – the West faces extreme danger to their future existence.
As Muslims themselves have said over and over again, the time to create an Islamic state of the U.S. and the West is not yet a reality for because the Muslim population is still too small and can be overthrown. But once the Muslim population grows to a certain percentage and greater Muslim influence on the government is accessible, they will begin to execute their plans. This is all in accordance to Sharia and prophecies in the Quran.


Egyptian journalist ‘Ata Abd Al-Aal is on Egyptian TV Al-Rahma/Al-Rawdha advicing that ‘religious guides’ should be sent to America to teach Muslims living in America how to slowly and gradually infilrate into society and to abandon their own material and personal interests to keep focused on their goals.

They are to be encouraged to actively participate in elections, while avoiding all integration with Americans.

These guides are to teach Muslims to deceive Americans by learning how to ‘preach to the American mentality’ to encourage more conversions to Islam from the root levels. In this way, he declared, the U.S. will eventually become an Islamic republic, according to plans presented to him by a Sheikh currently living in the U.S. The most important place for Islam to infiltrate to eventually take over, is the United States as Islam want’s to conquer their enemies to gain power.

As we already know, the Arabs invested a majority stake in major media in 2012, such as Fox and other networks and newspapers, to block and articles that may oppose Islam, stop programs to speak on Islam in any critical manner and simply portray Islam as a friendly and democratic faith where Sharia “values” correlate with the American constitution.

* Kingdom Holding Company owned by Prince Al-Waleed is one of Arab owned companies that invested in Fox News – well known for their anti-Islam stands – and other media companies such as newspapers and news outlets in 2012. Why would Arabs, who are big anti-Christian and anti-Jew invest into a anti-Islamic news network?

Among his many assets are: a 95 percent stake in Kingdom Holding Company; 91 percent ownership of Rotana Video & Audio Visual Company; 90 percent ownership of LBC SAT; 7 percent ownership of News Corporation; about 6 percent ownership of Citigroup; and 17 percent ownership of Al Nahar and 25 percent ownership of Al Diyar, two daily newspapers published in Lebanon.  News Corp’s U.S. holdings include Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Twentieth Century Fox. The company is Rupert Murdoch owned, who also owns half of the Western media world.

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