What one Billion Muslims Really Think? Pew Global Statistics.

Pew Research Center (Global Attitudes Project), Gallop and other statistic organizations prove that concerns for blocking further Muslim immigration is justified and valid.
Tom Trento with the Florida Security Council explain why attention has to be paid to Muslim immigration and national security issues.
The propaganda to present Islam in a rosier light, What one Billion Muslims Really Think, decided to leave out some very important statistics. This video shows the true mindset of one billion Muslims not the propaganda being fed from the Dalia Mogahed, Barack Obama’s first veiled Muslim appointee.
1. Did Arabs carry out the 9/11 attack in New York?
What did Muslims in these countries answer? The following answers represent Muslims who believe Arabs were behind 9/11 attacks.

Indonesia  85%
Egypt  68%
Turkey  84%
Jordan  61%
UK  83%
Germany 65%
France  52%
Spain  67%

2.  Is terrorism justified to advance Islam? How many Muslims in the west and abroad felt terrorism is justified?
The following answers represent the number of Muslims who support terrorism to advance Islam into another society (to conquer).

Egypt  53%
Turkey  26%
Indonesia  28%
Pakistan  22%
Jordan  57%
Nigeria  65%
UK  27%
France  35%
Germany  13%
Spain  25%

To give you a scale of these numbers, what do they mean in actual volume?

360,000 French Muslims
40,000 German Muslims
60,000 Spanish Muslims
144,000 UK Muslims

From these four countries alone, all living within the open borders of Europe where they have free movement anywhere they want to go, 604,000 Muslims believe terrorism and violence is acceptable and justified to force Islam onto a non-Muslim country.

3.    Is your loyalty to Islam or to your country of residency? What did Muslim immigrants in Europe answer?
The following answers represent that their loyalty is to their own Muslim country, and not to the host country where they are living.

UK  81%
Germany  66%
France  46%
Spain  69%

4. Do Muslims have a negative opinion about the jews?
The following answer represent Muslim who admit to negative and hateful views of Jews, even extreme hate.

Spain  60%  (Very negative 37%)
UK  47%  (Very negative 33%)
Germany  44%  (Very negative 31%)
France  13% (Very negative 3%)
Lebanon  97%  (Very negative 89%)
Egypt  95%  (Very negative 92%)
Jordan  94%  (Very negative 92%)
Turkey  76%  (Very negative 68%)
Pakistan  76%  (Very negative 65%)

5. Do Muslims support Sharia law, and it’s installment in a non-Muslim country?
The follow Muslims answered that Sharia must be the only law of any country they live in, and the remaining want Sharia to be a source of law in the country:

Egypt  68%
Pakistan  67%
Jordan  54%
Bangladesh  22%
Indonesia  14%
Lebanon  8%
Iran  10%
Morocco  39%


2 thoughts on “What one Billion Muslims Really Think? Pew Global Statistics.

  1. Yes, no immigration, no trade/commerce, no diplomatic relations, and no aid. All muslims should be deported if they are not citizens. If they are citizens they should be watched very carefully, and if they cause any trouble, take away their citizenship and send them to the crapistan of their choice. islamic culture and values are NOT compatible with civilized peoples.

  2. if they can’ t follow the laws in the host country they need to be deported anyway. and no they should not be put in any higher office and speak the language of that country. if caught speaking any other deport them.no freebies they have to work for what they want. no catering to any of them. this is AMERICA you live the way we live or leave and no halal goods no head covering no covering ot the face

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