Germany: Salafi Muslims trying to radicalize Germany

Germany is infested with over 5,000 salafi Muslims, the most conservative radical Muslim creed often responsible for extreme indoctrination. The salafi’s have distributed over 3o0,000 free Quran’s to encourage conversions and to reach Germans to Islamize society. As in the rest of Europe, these people have multiple wives, a brood of children and live off the state on welfare benefits.
[In England 75% of Muslim women live on benefits, while 50% of all Muslim men live on benefits. Over 30% of Muslims in Britain has been the recipient of free housing under government regulations, although they have no contributed enough taxes to justify that level of welfare.]
Meanwhile, OIC the international UN body for Muslims is trying to stop freedom of speech, meaning reports like this would be banned and illegal in the U.S. and abroad so the infiltration and indoctrination can happen silently in society without allowing the public to be informed.

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