US disowns Israel over Iran strike: No weapons or military backup

It is no secret (at least not anymore) that President Obama is a Palestine supporter and is brought up with anti-Israel rhetoric. But what exactly is the Israel-Palestine conflict? This conflict originates from centuries of violent Arabian genocide and occupation of regions throughout the middle east, and particularly of the jews who strongly opposed Islam and refused to convert.
In our present century the Jews who had been made completely nationless from these massive and forced Muslim occupations, were granted a small section of land from their stolen ancestral regions: Israel. Israel was officially declared a Jewish state on 15th May, 1948. When this official decision was made, there continued to live Arabs in Israel who were ancestors from the Arab invasion. The Jews and Arabs lived in peace for a decade, until Egypt began hate campaigns and hate propaganda against Israel which spread through the Arab world. Since then, the hate of Israel has been never ending and Muslims want to re-occupy Israel once more.
Why on earth would a U.S. president support Muslims to invade and hate Israel, when Israel like so many countries who lost their freedom to Islam, was a victim of Muslim conquest? The Israel-Palestine conflict has little to do with dislocated Palestinan’s, whom the Arab world could grant residency but don’t want to. The conflict is mainly about antisemitism. Islam needs someone to hate. When Muslims don’t hate their own tribes and groups, murdering millions of their own people, they hate Israel. From Israel the next hate object is Christians. From Christians the next hate object is America, then Britain, then France – and it goes on and on.

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