Muslim intellectuals debate Islam, Western society and Islam’s faults and weaknesses

They are extremely few and far between, but those who do take the effort to pop their heads to the surface – have some valid statements to make. Of course, they are accused of being “puppets of the West” although none of that is accurate.


1)  Former Dean of Islamic Law, Qatar University, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari | Bahrain TV

2)  Former Dean at Qatar University Speaks Out against Suicide Operations | Al-Arabiya TV

3)  Former Deab of Qatar University: Our Culture Responsible for Terror | Al-Arabiya

4)  Former Dean at Qatar University Speaks Out in Support of US Presence | Al-Arabiya

5)  Bahraini intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawai  | Abu Dhabi TV

6)  Liberal Bahraini Author Dhiya Al-Musawi: Muslims living in the past on “the drug of religion” | Al Jazeera

7)  Debate on the state of the youth in the Arab world and the meaning of democracy  |  Episode 2  |  Episode 3  |

8)  Former Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi  |  Al-Arabiya T



One thought on “Muslim intellectuals debate Islam, Western society and Islam’s faults and weaknesses

  1. There is a new book called Biblical Mullahs that claims that the name Muhammad is not written in the Quran. It also says that the Five Pillars of Islam are debunked by the verses of the Quran. That they are fake.

    Biblical Mullahs at

    Here is a brief introduction :

    A book like this has never been written before. As the title suggests Biblical Mullahs exposes the mullahs as purveyors of long forgotten biblical and Jewish beliefs that have nothing to do with the Koran – despite the mullah claim that the Koran is their Holy Book. The book provides irrefutable evidence from the Koran and the mullahs own teachings that the two really have nothing in common.

    Killing apostates, stoning adulterers to death, destroying statues, wearing hijab for women, polygamy and many other mullah teachings are not stated in the Koran at all. They are all plagiarised from the Bible. The relevant Bible references are clearly provided.

    The book uses verses from the Koran itself to demolish the mullahs Five Pillars Of Islam. The Five Pillars which consist of the Shahada, the five daily prayers, the religious tithes or zakat, fasting in the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia are all fake. The Shahada comes across clearly as an act of shirk or blasphemy.

    The book also argues convincingly using verses from the Koran that “heaven and hell” are biblical concepts which are not found in the Koran and which do not exist in reality. It also explains clearly what exactly are the ‘Garden’ and the ‘Fire’ that are stated numerous times in the Koran. The book also drops a huge bombshell when it proves from the Koran that the name Muhammad is also not found written in the Koran at all.

    This book is a must read for both Muslims and people of other religions and faiths. The Muslims need to read this book to understand why they will never live in peace and prosper in this world. They are not obeying the Koran. Instead they are obeying old Christian and Jewish teachings which are not even followed by the Christians and Jews anymore.

    Non Muslims need to read this book for the same purpose – to understand that the Muslims will never be able to live in peace or prosper as long as they uphold outdated Jewish and Christian teachings from the Bible and ignore the very simple Islam that is taught in the Koran.

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