Saudi Arabia: Government video on identification of “evil magicians and sorcerers”

Ever wanted to travel back to the middle ages when people imagined donkey’s pee could cure all ailments, and flying carpets could fly you all over the deserts and bad luck and obsessions were due to black magic and the evil eye?
Well, think no more.
This one is a video by Saudi Arabia’s Government Agency: “General Presidency Of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice” in which they talk about “sorcery and black magic” and how to uncover their wicked practices. A description of their various classifications are given as well.
Translated to English it exposes “the evil doings of sorcerers who commit blasphemy to witch people and harm them.”  Saudi Arabia has special police to track and persecute sorcerers.
The dramatic owner of the video state: “Many diseases that science can’t cure are caused by sorcery, in the west it is generally regarded as psychiatrist disease and only numbed by drugs with no cure. If you suffer from a disease and all your tests are normal, then you are probably witched or eyed.”
Lol! Of course they’re mad. When you are indoctrinated and kept far from reasoning, knowledge and information, it would be fully plausible to turn mad. This is the mindset we’re dealing with, imported in millions into our countries.


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