UK: New death threats against comedy writer for TV-sitcom “Citizen Khan” – read the vitriol

The British comedy writer and actor Adil Ray of “Citizen Khan”, the new British sitcom on BBC, is now receiving death threats. This is the primitive mindset we are dealing with, people.  Watch a short glimpse of Citizen Khan below, and Adil Ray’s previous show “Reclaiming Islam” from 2010 where he states Islam is “misunderstood, anti-Muslim media bias, and demonized”.  So the media basically writes all their articles to make things up…
Well, guess his death threats (below) are nothing he needs to worry about then. Good. No need to spend tax money on police investigations and protection either.

BBC sitcom “Citizen Khan”. It has been claimed that the sitcom – based on the life of a delusional, self-appointed  community leader in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham – was ‘disrespectful to the Koran’ and that it repeated sterotyped ideas about the Muslim community.

But Ray, a British Muslim, told BBC Radio Five Live: ‘Citizen Khan is not a Muslim comedy, it is a British family sitcom. It is family comedy with universal themes of hypocrisy, deceit, and relationships that we can all connect to.’


And a few of the many death threats the writer has received via facebook:

Citizen khan


A brief report on Citizen Khan:


And here the writer Adil Ray is claiming (2010) Islam is misunderstood and maligned in media, portraying Islam wrong:


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