Africa: Muslims convert to Christianity in millions. Imam convert talks about Islam; “I used to attack Christians” .

There is no secret that millions of Muslims are converting each year to Christianity and other faiths, from the evil doctrines invented by caliph Abd al-Malik in the 14th Century, and attributed to a prophet that didn’t even exist according to historical findings. What is remarkable, however, is that so many hundreds of thousands of Muslims who convert to Christianity are not converting out of some force or cajoling by a priest or a person – but by visions and dreams where they claim God himself tells them they live in darkness and evil. It’s really quite astonishing how many of these testimonials show similar experiences.
What is important to pay attention to from these clips by the Church, is the description of the Muslim mindset from indoctrination of Islam, where persecution of others is common and encouraged. It shows over and over again what Islam is really about. And it’s a Muslim description – not one from ‘anti-Muslims’, ‘Islamophobes’ or non-Muslims.

[Transcript Extract]

Hajid Mohammed Ahmed grew up in a Muslim home. He earned the Haji title because he had gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

“All my life I was a very strong Muslim. And my family’s main purpose in life was to build mosques and spread Islam. Everywhere.”

As a reader in the mosque Mohammed organized small gangs that prowled the streets looking for Christians.

“We would beat Christians who are going to church. In that area I burned seven Bibles.”

He even attacked one Christian with a knife. That was Mohammed’s life until one night he had a strange dream.

“While I was sleeping, some kind of strange voice was speaking as from heaven.”

  –  ‘Mohammed you are living in darkness. Come out of that cave and follow me.’

Mohammed knew it was the voice of the Christian god. When he told his mother about the dream, she refused to listen and kicked him out of the house. But because Mohammed grew up in a strict Muslim family he refused to follow god [in his dreams].

Then he had another dream. But this time God was angry.

  – “Mohammed you will leave this place of darkness and follow me.”

Mohammed still refused, but then became very sick.

“I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. A very heavy burden just fell upon me. I went to different hospitals
to get treatment. But I couldn’t get healed.”

Then Mohammed remembered some Missionaries who tried to tell him about Jesus Christ.

“I was afraid my friends, and my relatives, would kill me. But I decided to call the Missionaries to talk with them. They told me about the Bible and they encouraged me. I decided to receive Jesus as my savior. The same day, all my burdens and all my diseases disappeared from my body.”

Mohammed wasn’t the only person to accept Jesus after his visions. “I told my mother and all my family members also about my healing, and my peace and many of them received Jesus.”

Although he knew his sins were forgiven Mohammed felt guilty for the way he had treated Christians in the past. “Still I am asking for forgiveness for what I have done before. Today the man Mohammed attacked is a close friend.”



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