Denmark: Six years prison for Muslim child-rapist

Six years prison for raping two small children. With the absurd legal system in Europe, which surely must have been created by closet pedophile and assaulter – it means Mohammed will be out of prison in less than 3 years. Raping two small children was not even worth 1.5 years each of prison time.
And what kind of prison will Mohammed have the honor of spending his sentencing at? A virtual prisoners paradise, with special made high-quality food where he can – like a first class airline passenger select choices – a ‘prison cell’ which is of greater quality than standard accommodation in half of EU, pool tables, his own TV, internet and games. Jikes, it must hurt.
What do you say about that? Sick or what?


Ahmed Omar Mohamed

Mohammed doing only what Mohammed knew best. Was the victory sign before or after the rape?

Last week, the verdict against Somali Ahmed Omar Mohamed (17), on November 19  last year threatened with a knife and dragged away a 9-year-old and a 10 year old girl from a playground in Gullstrup in Denmark and in a wooded raped one girl vaginally, orally and anally. Mohamed sentenced to six years in prison for rape, aggravated rape and unlawful imprisonment in two cases.

The trial was held in June this year, but the court has obviously taken some time to arrive at an appropriate penalty. Probably it had been a few more years behind bars if Mohamed was not only 16 years old when the crime was committed. Mohamed will be expelled from Denmark after enforced punishment. The expulsion applies for life.

Danish media beat it up big and published the image and name of the rapist. In contrast in the neighboring Dhimmi headquarters, Sweden, the media hides the names and nationality of foreign criminals. They usually show faces of Swedish criminals, but whenever a foreign criminal appear the image is pixelated and the name hidden. You do not want to ruin all the work in producing Somalis as victims of everyone else, rather than the reality which is the other way around.


3 thoughts on “Denmark: Six years prison for Muslim child-rapist

  1. why not show the faces and names. and Sweden is getting stupider all the time. these people or should I say animals should be plastered all over the world tv internet news papers any thing their mugs will hang on so all will know what these animals did and you got it right castrate these dogs. Sweden and all these other country’s better start getting a handle on this crap or is this what these government want

  2. these little girls may be harmed for the rest of their lives because of what this animal did. and the parents should have the right to pass their sentence not the courts.may stop the deportation save some money dig a hole for them to lay down in.

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