Islam is like no other “religion” in the world. It seeks to conquer, to destroy, to hate and to annihilate others. Often through cunning and calculative initiatives. On foreign soil, in lack of sufficient access for a full on attack it does so by means of infiltration, patiently and gradually over several decades. This method can be observed in many countries around the world, who have fallen victims to Islam. There is no comparison to the hate and human evil that exist in Islam, to any other faith in existence.

Islam is built on the foundation of hatred, which is constantly being stressed by ex-Muslims who warn the west that Islam is not a friendly and cooperative or democratic faith and must be welcomed with extreme caution. The many problems common in Islamic countries are directly related to Islam and the teachings and indoctrinations of Islam superimposed on the people from childhood, encouraging hate and violence.

The battle against Islam is not lead by some ‘Islamophobic’ foreigners, but is actually lead by ex-Muslims themselves who speak from the depth of experience and wish to warn the world of the dangers and intentions of Islam.



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