The Resolution

Demand for new and future EU policies on Muslim Islamic immigration all across Europe:

– A complete 5-year ban on all Islamic migrants. Thereafter, permission only for female muslim asylum seekers to apply for entry, with no children above age 10. Max 1000 asylum seekers a year.

— Asylum seekers who enter must be put into an educational program for a minimum 2 years. They must learn the regional language, the basic rules and customs of the country, and be provided a minimum vocational skill of a job in shortage on the job market. They may have the option to apply for higher skills training after completing their 2 year entry training.

— The government in each country have to assess data and evaluate past and present migrants, and whether these should stay/be permitted entry or be deported and blocked entry:

1)  Was their entry accurate and lawful?
2)  Evaluate whether the cost, income/tax contribution, crime, and long-term benefit of muslim migrants is really viable and realistic.
3)  The removal of past migrants who entered through deception or through faulty immigration procedures.
4)  DNA database of all muslim migrants and DNA evaluation of their actual family association to determine fraudulent immigration.
5)  Lie detector test on all existing muslim migrants and asylum seekers to/in Europe to determine radical ideologies, hatred of  women which may perpetuate rape and other safety issues for the general population.
5)  Removal of any existing muslim migrant who support conservative Islamic ideals and values, and who are found with conduct or clothes/appearance that indicate conservatism.
6)  The removal of all minarets, halal slaughter, and ban on the Quran.
7)  The removal and ban on all Sharia courts in Europe.
8)  £150,000 penalty to each Muslim country for each illegal or falsely documented national found in Europe.

– Immediate deportation and removal of muslims with criminal charges, in gangs, with complaints of violence, found to possess or carry weapons, with any form of sexual complaint.

– Extradition treaty between the Middle East and EU for capital punishment (according to death by Sharia).

— Muslim criminals accused or guilty of third degree crimes such as rape, murder, extremism and unprovoked attacks to be sent for capital punishment in a muslim country.


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